Nicholas James Perrin

Born Bournemouth England 1956

Nicholas has been living in Gippsland, Australia for 22 years.

Working in industrial inspection for 23 years allowed Nicholas to travel extensively throughout Europe and finally to Australia in 1989. In 1998 he decided on a career change and took up painting while trying to decide which profession to persue.  Fouteen years and several hundred paintings later he has found his vocation.

A self taught artist initially influenced by the impressionists and post impressionists, subsequently his work has developed into a distinctive high colour, high contast look at the natural world with a minimilistic slant.

"I like to find subject matter with a high impact value and look to enhance depth often with the use of texture.  I find myself often painting solitary trees which I find are a representation of myself and my understanding that ultimately we are all on our own, often however, surrounded by beauty in many forms."

His most recent works were influenced in the main by the Australian and Mediteranean landscapes with the series of olive trees and sea scapes a reflection of his recent travels through Greece.

"The groves appeared to be in every available spot from the seaside to the tops of some of the mountains. Their abundance and incredible character, especially in the older trees, was the only inspiration I needed."

In 2008 Nicholas returned to the UK for 12 months where he worked and subsequently successfully exhibited in several London galleries.  He has won several awards in Victoria Australia and now lives in Warragul, Gippsland Victoria.